Since 1993, when the company was first founded in Santiago of Chile, Sociedad de Transportes Pansouth America Chile Freight Fowarder has characterized for being a company that is close to its clients, and has grown to consolidate as one of the most important transport and logistic companies in the world









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For almost 3 decades we have provided solutions to the worldwide trade, and through the capability of listening and working alongside with our clients, we have been able to channel a more integral service with a worldwide network of prepared agents that are willing to help make business easier.

Founding of our first office located in Mac Iver Street, Santiago´s downtown, becoming one of the earliest transportation and logistic companies to be established in Chile.

Sociedad de Transportes Pansouth America Chile Freight Forwarder, already manages to forge an agents network in Asia, starting a relationship as an exclusive agent of Eternity International Freight Fowarder Group in Chile.

Eternity Chile International Freight Forwarder it is established and merges with Sociedad de Transportes Pansouth America Chile Freight Forwarder

Sociedad de Transportes Pansouth America Chile Freight Fowarder, moves its offices to Santa Rosa Avenue, where it becomes the undisputed leader in goods transportation between Asia and Latin America.

Our second branch in Chile is established in the city of Iquique, thereby expanding our service network to the northern region and satisfying the growing demand for logistic solutions
Our collaborators moved to our current office located in Nueva Las Condes neighborhood, which has more than 400 square meters of space so that we can continue to provide the highest services standards.

With around 150.000 TEU´s transported during the year by our group between Asia and Latin America, we have become one of the most important transport and logistic companies in Chile and the region.


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Pansouth America Chile – Eternity Chile International Freight Forwarder accumulates almost 30 years of experience in the field, which today is available to all our customers, who find in us a series of logistics and transportation solutions that facilitate the goods trade between Asia and Latin America.


More than 3000 clients around the world trusts our work and know that we focus all our energy and knowledge to provide the best solutions for their businesses.


Something that we have learned in all these years is that collaborative work between clients and our staff has made us reach the highest quality standards since that our services are more personalized and according to a specific need in every case.


Our excellency is the result of a methodic work on over 3 decades and it is shown in our quick problem resolution capabilities, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assure that our customers goods make it to destination.


Having international support is essential in the globalized world that we live in, and therefore having worldwide network is a key value that distinguishes us from other carriers, we have branches in more than 22 cities and have strategic alliances with partners worldwide.


Our company understands that the service delivered is only possible with a united team and committed with our customers goals. Our staff is composed by foreign trade experts whom are capacitated and willing to solve all our customers doubts and assist them with solutions according to their needs.