Pan South America Chile / Eternity International Forwarders

foto-portada.jpgPan South America (Chile) co., Ltd. freight forwarder is a company with a strong leadership in the freight forwarding business between Asia pacific and Latin America. We offer an extensive scope of services that will facilitate the import and export of our customer’s cargo.

The company’s mission is to provide at all times a comprehensive range of international freight forwarding services to our customers, through a commitment to maintain a superior level of customer service, encouraging employee participation in the success of our business.


Pan South America Ltd. was established in the year 1990 as an answer to a client’s need to have a single contact to bring its cargo from different points in Asia pacific to Chile.  From then and given to the economic growth of countries like China, the number of imports have been increasing, having Pan South America an active and very important role in it.  Since then, the company has earned reputation for its excellent quality of customer service, having at present a great quantity of customers, which allow us to keep offering a prime service at the best prices.

In the year 1999, Pan South America associates with Eternity International Forwarders, one of the largest freight Forwarders in Asia with offices in more than 90 cities in the world.  Thanks to that association we have become part of one of the greatest freight forwarder from Asia Pacific to Chile. 

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